As you can tell from the title of this post, I am here!

I arrived with both of my bags (!) and 79 other Peace Corps Mali volunteers in Bamako, Mali on July 4 around 12 am, local time. We then packed in trucks and four-runners and headed to the training site, Tubaniso (“house of doves” in Bambara).  Although I didn’t take pictures right away, I took some in the daylight, and hope to post them here when my Internet connection is a bit stronger.

Yesterday was a great 4th of July!  Unlike any other I’ve celebrated before, indeed.  We went to the American Club in Bamako and joined other American’s in-country for a true American celebration with cheeseburgers, a pool and American tunes.  I’m pretty sure the rest of my experience here will be far from hanging out by the pool singing along to The Boss, but it was a really fun way to celebrate America’s birthday in Mali!

Aside from this celebration, the first few days have been training-filled.  Today we talked about water sanitation and safety and security, and this afternoon after my French language test (wish me luck!) we’ll have a cross-cultural training.

Long story short, things here are going very well here.  I move in with my host family on Thursday, which will certainly feel a lot less like summer camp – which is what it feels like now.

Keep an eye here for pictures of my hut, Tubaniso and our July 4th celebration!