I hope that you are all enjoying the fall season in America/Europe!  I certainly miss the changing colors of the trees, the crisp morning air and pumpkins – it seems like an eternal summer in Mali!  With that said, the weather is changing here, too.  The rainy season has come to a close, although we have had a few random thunderstorms in the past few weeks (my language tutor commented that the weather has been doing weird things this year…I don’t think my language skills are advanced enough yet to explain global warming!).  I’ve also noticed a considerable drying of the air.  It’s no longer humid and hot, now it’s really dry and hot.

The next season is the “cold season” which, I hear, brings with it temperatures in the 70s and low-80s during the day and 50s-60s at night.  This sounds like weather perfection, although I expect to see Malians in their coats, gloves and hats imported from Western donation centers, very soon.

I’m hoping to be able to do a lot during the cold season, as it is a time of relative relaxation for Malians (the harvest will have wrapped up, and the planting season will not yet have arrived again).  It is also followed by the hot season, which I hear is totally miserable and is a time when it is difficult to do work because it is just too damn hot.  During the hot season, I will be heading to America at one of my most favorite times of the year – spring.  In addition to serving as a bridesmaid in a dear friend’s wedding, I’ll also be spending sometime in Washington, DC and Kentucky.  I hope to see many of you during this time and update you on my life as a PCV.  It will certainly be here before we know it!