I believe I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I’d been talking with the local high school English teachers about starting an English Club for high school students in my town.  After a couple of meetings we decided that the club would have its first meeting in early February!

I’m really excited to be working with the high school students to improve their language skills in a less formal environment than the classroom, and I hope that their participation will have a positive impact on their ability to pass their English exams.

It’s worth noting that the students at the local high school have many language options.  French is the second language of all students (Bambara being their first), and they have the following choices for a third, or forth, language:  Arabic, German, Russian or English.  Despite the very difficult learning conditions – better than those in the elementary schools, but still far from optimal – the high school students here have the opportunity to learn many languages of the world that can help them study at the university level here or abroad.

I look forward to reporting back on the English Club.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions for material or topics we should cover, or if you know of any resources that are particularly helpful for students learning English as a second language (or should we say students learning English as a third or forth language!).