You may remember reading my post last year after I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with the U.S. Ambassador to Mali, Gillian Milovanovic.  Although my experience this year was far less Westernized, it was certainly a Thanksgiving celebration to remember.

I, along with about 75 other Peace Corps Volunteers, traveled to Sikasso, a city in southern Mali, to celebrate together.  The volunteers in the Sikasso region did a fantastic job planning a “home-cooked” meal for us on Turkey Day.  We stuffed ourselves with many of the traditional dishes (Mali-style) including turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and pie.  One of the highlights of the day was teaching several lingering Malian children how to say “Happy Thanksgiving.”  I would say, “Aw be mun fo bi?” or “what do you say today?” and they would say something that sounded like, “Pappy Fanksgibing!”  It was cute.

On Friday we sat by the pool at a local hotel and dinned on Mali-style soft tacos.  Saturday, we headed to a village about one hour from Sikasso called Woroni and camped out by the waterfalls.

Although it was not as wonderful as spending time back in Kentucky with my friends and family, sharing this holiday weekend with my Peace Corps family was a treat.

You can see photos from camping at the waterfalls here.